Friday, July 2, 2010

Fabulous Fourth of July Crafts and Books

 The fourth of July is almost here.

Time to fire up the grill, grab some sparklers and , of course, make a few fun, fabulous and fast Fourth of July crafts!

Oh, and read a few books about the Fourth, also.( I've placed links to 9 interesting books about the Fourth of July ,appropriate for a variety of age levels, at the end of this blog.)

Let's get started on those crafts.....

Coffee Filter Fireworks - You need: Washable Markers, Coffee Filters, Spray Bottle (optional), Water - Flatten out the coffee filter; Spritz with water or sprinkle on water; only Dampen the filter DO NOT Soak it! ; Use the markers to draw on the damp filter; the water will cause the colors to spread and give a tie dye or fireworks effect

Sidewalk Water Balloon Firework Paint Splatters

Confetti Launcher

Patriotic Pom Poms

Fireworks Flowers

Make a Fireworks Tshirt - you'll need: a tshirt, glitter fabric paint, newspaper
To make your T-shirt - lay the shirt on a flat surface; place folded newspaper between the t-shirt layers to keep the paint from bleeding through; use the glitter paint to draw, free-hand, bursts of fireworks; follow manufacturers directions to dry and wash the t-shirt

Stars 'n' Stripes Hats

Bigger kids can actually Make Sparklers with adult assistance

Check out these books about the Fourth of July:

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