Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Book Look ......The Moon Might Be Milk

This Tuesday's Book Look book is The Moon Might Be Milk written by Lisa Shulman.

The book is full of colorful pictures and the children will be able to relate to the books heroine, Rosie, as she and her friends wonder what the moon is made of.

From Booklist:
Awakening before dawn, Rosie looks past the cat on her windowsill to the moon and says, "I wonder what it's made of." Cat replies that the moon is a saucer of milk. Rosie concedes that it might be, but she gets dressed, goes outside, and asks several other animals the same question. Hen thinks that the moon is an egg. Butterfly believes it's made of sugar, Dog says "butter," and Mouse is sure that it's made of flour. Each animal joins Rosie on her quest. Finally, they arrive at Rosie's grandmother's house, where Gran combines milk, egg, sugar, butter, and flour to make moon-shaped sugar cookies, satisfying everyone. The final page offers a recipe for Gran's Sugar Cookie Moons, for those who want to extend the story into the kitchen.

Activities for The Moon Might Be Milk

  • Make Moon Cookies Using the recipe in the back of the book,  have the children make their own moon cookies. The children can help measure and mix ingredients, and flatten the cookies with sugar.  
  • Learn about the phases of the moon. The kids can even make crescent shaped cookies.

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~~louise~~ said...

Hi Lauren,

What a delightful book. I'm sure I'm taken by the notion of Moon Cookies. I hope you don't mind, Lauren but I have an additional activities suggestion. I did a post about Lottie Moon a while back. I do believe there is a biography available about her for kids. Just an idea:)

I also did a Moon Day post which offers a few "luna" recipes. You're welcome to take any information if you like.

Thank you so much for sharing...enjoying the music:) Louise

P.S. We're playing the Picnic Game over at my blog. If you get a moment, (well you may need more:) drop by and see what we're toting...