Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Bicycle Man...Tuesday Book Look

May is National Bike Month. So this Tuesday Book Look is about a classic bike book.
The Bicycle Man was written in 1989 by Allen Say.

The books official description says:
The amazing tricks two American soldiers perform on a borrowed bicycle are a fitting finale for the school sports day festivities in a small village in occupied Japan. 

The fact that the story takes place during World War II is important to the story. The book's author, Allen Say,  was born in Yokohama, Japan, in 1937.

The ideas below are simple and colorful ways to decorate a bicycle.
  • Take colored straws and make a small slit down one side with a sharp scissor. Put the straws on the wheel spokes.
  • Add streamers or colored string to the handlebars using colored duct tape or electrical tape or special handlebar grip tape.

  • Make a Bicycle License Plate
* Poster board in a variety of colors
*  A Paper punch
* Glitter glue, markers, stickers etc
  1. Cut the poster board into 6- by 11-inch rectangles
  2. Use a paper punch to make a hole near each top corner.
  3. The kids can now use the glue, stickers, markers and anything else they can think of to personalize their bicke plates. 
  4. a variation of the bike plate

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