Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to make three very simple Bird Feeders

Kids love to study animals.
A simple way to encourage your children in observing and helping wildlife is to make bird feeders for the yard.

There are three types of bird feeders that can be made using two basic ingredients...peanut butter and bird seed.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder
you'll need : a pine cone, string, peanut butter and bird seed

* Tie a piece of string, approximately 20inches long, firmly onto one end of the pine cone
* Spread a thick coat of peanut butter on the cone
* Roll the coated pine cone in bird seed
* Hang the pine cone in the yard

Bagel Bird Feeder
you'll need: half a bagel (it can be stale), string, peanut butter and bird seed

1. Take a piece of string approximately 20inches long and place it through the hole in the bagel and tie both ends together to make a large loop to hang up your bird feeder with.
2. Spread the flat side of the bagel with a heavy coating of peanut butter.
3. Pour a good amount of bird seed onto a plate
4. Press the peanut butter side of the bagel into the bird seed
5. Hanger you Bagel bird feeder outside

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder
you'll need: a toilet paper roll, string, peanut butter and bird seed

* Poke holes in the top of a toilet paper roll and thread string through them
* Spread a thick coat of peanut butter on the outside of the toilet paper roll
* Pour bird seed onto a plate
* Roll the peanut butter covered toilet paper roll in the bird seed, make sure it is covered well
* Hang your bird feeder outside

Now that you have your bird feeders, the kids can watch the different birds that come to eat, take pictures of the different birds that show up and maybe even keep track of the number of birds and do some research in to the types of birds that appear.

Happy Crafting!!

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