Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to write in Secret Code

Secret codes have been around almost as long as writing has existed. It's used by the government, the military, businesses and by just the average person. Kids have probably been using secrets codes as long as they've existed as well.

There are dozens of secret codes or just alternative ways of writing.
Everything from Braille, to Morse code to Semaphore are explained at the
Youth Online/spykids site.

One of the simplest codes is made by taking the vowels out of all the words of your message.

For example the sentence:

This message looks like a bunch of gibberish.

Ths mssg lks lk bnch f gbbrsh.

when you remove all of the vowels.

At Martha Stewarts kids site she has a number of secret codes.
Here's a really fun and simple code:

Sdrawkcab gnihtyreve gnitirw yrt!

Looks strange doesn't it? But it's really just written backwards.

It says: Try writing everything backwards!

Our last code looks confusing but it's very simple. This first letter of each word has been replaced by a random letter.

Qake mll zf khe wodes tou rave searned fnd trite mo tour criends!
(Take all of the codes you have learned and write to your friends!)

Gnitfarc Yppah!! (Happy Crafting!!)

The code at the beginning of the blog was found at Scots Guide Secret Cyphers.

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