Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to Make Your Own New Year's Celebration

Even though the New Year is just a few days away, you still have time to decorate your home and make the new year fun and festive for children and adults alike.

Here's a chance for you to recycle some of those holiday decorations.
Try a few of these ideas:

1. Have ribbons left over from wrapping? Or maybe you just like to save the pretty ones from your gifts. These ribbons can be strung around the room instead of using traditional streamers.

2. You can make paper chains or use the ones from the Christmas tree to hang around the room.

3. Wanna give your new year a big bang? Make Confetti Balloons.
Fill balloons, a quarter full, with confetti (pulling the balloon over a funnel is the simplest method). Then inflate the balloons with a hand pump. At midnight pop the balloons, a sharp pencil will work, and have your own new year's fireworks!

4. Make your own Confetti.
Using paper from your craft stash (pieces of construction paper left over from art projects, used wrapping paper, etc. ) , cut the paper into tiny pieces or you can use paper punches if you have them.

5. Every new year's party needs noise makers.
Toilet Paper Roll Kazoos are perfect for the new year.
Decorate a Toilet Paper roll with markers, paint or glue on paper from your craft stash. Cut a circle of wax paper at least an inch around bigger than the tube. Use a rubber band to attach the wax paper circle to one end of the tube. Now hum or sing a tune!

These are just a few of the fun thrifty and crafty activities you can use to make your New Year special.

Happy Crafting!

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